• Experts in creating and implementing data-led marketing strategies – driving growth in revenue and business value

  • "Highly recommended to support the growth of a strong, digitally-led and community-focused B2B brand"

    Alex Martinez, CEO, Procurement Leaders
  • Experts in measurement and reporting for marketing ROI visibility and essential insights – to drive strategic and agile decision-making

  • A unique combination of strategic thinking, meticulous planning and rigorous tactical execution – with an obsessive focus on results

  • A team of marketing specialists to deliver high-impact campaigns to grow engagement, generate leads and deliver sales.

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We work with CEOs, senior executives and marketing teams – enabling the sustainable growth of B2B brands with digitally-led marketing strategies, marketing campaigns & marketing skills training.

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What We Believe

Marketing excellence has become critically important to the success of every organisation.

A strategic approach to marketing is therefore essential, and to ensure your customer is at the core of everything you do, your marketing function must focus on four key marketing pillars: customer, brand, content and data.

Your marketing people, systems, processes and partners need to be enablers of these four key pillars:


Customer-centricity, executed well throughout a digitally-enabled customer journey, delivers competitive advantage. Therefore, a core marketing responsibility and point of ROI is the customer journey.


Your brand belongs to your customers. How they perceive the value your brand delivers is everything. So how you invest in your brand, at every touch point, will determine your success.


Unique and valuable content is the essential ingredient to achieve a good marketing ROI. How you create and distribute this content is critical to success in customer acquisition and retention.


The insight you gain from data on how your customers interact with your brand will power your growth.It is therefore essential this data is captured and analysed in the right way.

Our Clients

Our clients’ success is our success. We have delivered marketing strategies, campaigns and team training & development for a range of organisations globaly:

What Our Clients Say

  • MPG is about enabling accelerated growth for businesses.

    They ask the right questions, examine the data it produces, generate meaningful insight and reveal the opportunities that you wouldn’t otherwise know about. They encapsulate why marketing and business strategy must exist hand in hand

    Alex Martinez, Co-Founder & CEO, Procurement Leaders

  • MPG have had a great impact on our business. They provide valuable advice on our marketing strategy, provided simple & agile tools to improve our marketing effectiveness, and delivered excellent training and coaching for our marketing team. I recommend them highly.

    Bansri Shah, Managing Director, Green Power

  • MPG has unrivalled experience and specialist expertise. I don’t think there is another team or solution out there that can offer the breadth and depth in terms of web development, multi-channel marketing, digital delivery and marketing and sales integration.

    Katy Fryatt, Director, i2i Events Group