• Building communities, engaging audiences and growing revenue with outstanding event marketing.

  • "Excellent B2B marketing partner for events, developing successful strategies & digital marketing capabilities."

    Francesca Cattoglio, Owner & CEO, IKN Italy & IKN Spain
  • Rigorous, meticulous execution and ROI measurement sets MPG apart as world leaders in event marketing.

  • "Highly recommended to support the growth of a strong, digitally-led and community-focused B2B brand."

    Alex Martinez, CEO, Procurement Leaders
  • A unique combination of strategic thinking and expert delivery – with an obsessive focus on results.

  • "Deep knowledge of event marketing & very professional approach. MPG’s strategic, analytical & tactical work is an excellent investment."

    Terence O’Dwyer, Co-CEO, Biotech & Money
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Our team of B2B event marketing specialists provide a range of services, including:

How Successful Events Can Transform A B2B Media Business

Download Report - How Successful Events Can Transform A B2B Media Business

A strategic report on transforming the value of your brand.

Based on individual interviews with eight leading B2B media businesses and two membership organisations.

High Performance

Why Our Clients Choose Us

Growing Communities
Our expertise, in and focus on, B2B event marketing is unique – with a proven methodology for growing communities, engaged audiences and revenue
Track Record
The MPG team has extensive experience, expertise and a strong track record in commercially successful B2B event marketing
Strategy & Delivery
We work closely with our clients’ internal teams to deliver an unrivalled combination of B2B event marketing strategy and delivery – covering customer insight, data analysis, planning, project management, execution and digital platform development
Measurements & Results
MPG has developed a unique and rigorous approach to monitoring and measuring B2B event marketing activities and results – so that our clients have constant visibility of event marketing ROI

Our Clients

We have delivered event marketing strategies; websites and digital platforms; campaigns; team training and development for a range of organisations globally, including:

What Our Clients Say

  • I strongly recommend MPG as an excellent marketing partner for a B2B events business. Since 2015 they have helped us develop better event marketing strategies and supported our team to improve digital marketing tactics and campaigns. They have also built some useful and impactful analytical tools & digital event marketing platforms for us to use. MPG has made a big difference to our business.

    Francesca Cattoglio, Owner & CEO, IKN Italy & IKN Spain

  • MPG is about enabling accelerated growth for events. They ask the right questions, examine the data it produces, generate meaningful insight and reveal the opportunities that you wouldn’t otherwise know about. They encapsulate why marketing and business strategy must exist hand in hand.

    Alex Martinez, Founder, Procurement Leaders

  • The MPG team are unique in their deep knowledge of event marketing and they have a very professional approach. The strategic and tactical work they did for us was of a high quality. I have no hesitation in recommending them – an excellent investment.

    Terence O’Dwyer, Co-CEO, Biotech & Money

  • MPG has delivered some really good work for MLex since 2014. They started with the marketing strategy and then helped us implement this strategy with very valuable support for our marketing and sales teams on our marketing analytics, data and digital platforms and tools. A high rating and recommendation from me!

    Claire Crane, Head of Marketing, MLex Market Insight (part of LexisNexis RLEX Group)

  • Helen & her team have delivered some excellent marketing projects for me over the years, always with an exceptionally practical & pragmatic approach. The MPG team delve deeply into an organisation’s unique marketing opportunities and challenges – with a focus on digital, analytics & data, which is essential. They’re very ‘hands-on’ & the work MPG delivers really makes a difference to a company’s growth potential.

    Greg Kilminster, Managing Director, Bloomsbury Professional

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