Our purpose

We're dedicated to science-led marketing - executed with precision, rigour and the best digital tools. We ensure best practices are applied and marketing ROI is strong and visible. We aim to serve our clients as true partners - collaborating closely with in-house teams. Your success is our success!

Our story

MPG was launched in 2014 with a vision to apply world-class, digitally-led and data-driven marketing to community-focused B2B brands.

Our growth has been fuelled by the reputation the MPG team has built as being ‘a safe set of marketing hands’ – consistently delivering strong, measurable results. We now span a variety of sectors and work with clients all over the world to deliver our ‘full service’ offering.

Our clients know they can rely on MPG’s team of marketing strategists, campaign managers, data gurus and digital experts to deliver the required mix of experience and skills in the ‘art and science’ of marketing.

Where we are going

MPG has a globally unique proposition which, along with our consistently strong delivery, has driven solid growth since 2014. We aim to stay at the forefront of B2B community marketing and continue to consistently deliver unique and valuable expertise via marketing strategy consulting, outsourced marketing and marketing training.

Meet the team

We’ve built a winning team of B2B event marketing specialists. It’s the team you need on your side.

Helen Coetzee

Helen Coetzee Co-Founder & CEO

Kirsty Joynson

Kirsty Joynson Marketing Director

Alicia Drew

Alicia Drew Director, Strategy & Operations

Magda Kasprzycka

Magda Kasprzycka Director of Marketing Operations

Jojo Lai Head of Business Development

Sharise Wilkinson

Sharise Wilkinson Marketing Director

Cal McGuire

Cal McGuire Head of Marketing

Adriana Lobo

Adriana Lobo Head of Marketing

Lucy Peppercorn

Lucy Peppercorn Head of Web Services

Dominic Bird

Dominic Bird Head of Inbound & Paid Media

My Le

My Le Head of Marketing Analytics

Mariya Gordon

Mariya Gordon Marketing Manager

Stephanie Sobola

Stephanie Sobola Senior Marketing Executive

Anna Stone

Anna Stone Senior Marketing Executive

Eden Chau Senior Marketing Executive

Jeremy Pereira

Jeremy Pereira Marketing Executive

Deena Hefford

Deena Hefford Marketing Executive

Derryn Coetzee

Derryn Coetzee Co-Founder & Director

Stefan Stanica Head of Web Applications

Loryn Mitru

Loryn Mitru Website Developer

Toby Daniels Founder Social Media Week (acquired by Adweek)

I cannot recommend MPG highly enough. Their commitment and unique expertise in data-driven, digital and integrated marketing was very valuable to Social Media Week. MPG were instrumental in helping us build our brand and community online and offline, and their product marketing performance is also very strong. It was great having MPG as part of our team!

Trusted by leading organisations & brands globally

  • Ascential
  • Financial Times
  • Informa
  • ALFI
  • InfroProDigital
  • Procurement Leaders
  • PEI
  • BauerMedia

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