About MPG

We do something special for your brand and your business.

We create and deliver engaging and effective content-led and data-driven
marketing to bring your community together at your events.

And we ensure your events strengthen your community and your top line growth.



We design, build & optimise the best digital platforms for engagement around events 24/7/365, converting community members to event customers & event customers to community members.


Events are highly dynamic and have hard deadlines. Our expert event marketers work well ‘at volume and speed’ – planning and delivering strategically-led, responsive and effective campaigns.


Our clients are based all over the world and many of the events we support are the leading global events in their sector. We love nothing more than being part of a winning team!


Since launching in early 2014 our organic growth has been rapid, yet controlled. We’re constantly growing our team and capabilities to meet the needs of our clients.

Return on Investment

We pay our own fee – by ensuring the marketing we do has exceptional impact. Our methodology and the rigour we apply to every project adds so much value and revenue that there is always a strong business case to make the investment in our services.

We also measure everything we do and provide weekly reports on the ROI we’re delivering. This enables transparency, but more importantly helps our clients make the best decisions for event success.

Meet The MPG Team

When you work with MPG you get the support of a whole team of B2B event
marketing specialists:

Helen Coetzee

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Helen draws upon extensive experience developing successful B2B event marketing strategies – blending tried & tested strategies with new and innovative marketing approaches. Her expertise lies in understanding how an event can achieve the fastest growth, and then creating and aligning marketing objectives, people, systems and processes to achieve high growth targets.

Helen also leads the newly formed division of Marketing Pro Limited, myWeb.team. Specialising in website development, myWeb.team was created to enhance MPG’s capability in delivering ‘best-in-class’ event websites.

Kirsty Joynson

Senior Marketing Associate

Highly organised and collaborative, Kirsty provides both structure and creativity to the event marketing projects she plans and leads. Her results-driven approach (and highly competitive nature!) means that event growth targets are her focus from day one of every event project.

Kirsty is exceptionally talented and experienced in achieving efficiency and effectiveness in managing complex event marketing projects with teams including MPG’s marketing specialists and various client stakeholders. She loves nothing more than leading a winning team!

Magda Kasprzycka

Senior Marketing Associate

Magda is MPG’s senior expert in marketing technology, marketing data, marketing analytics and customer insight. Her experience and expertise in a range of digital marketing tools brings these elements together to deliver exceptional strategic insights and digital platforms to enable excellent ROI for MPG’s clients.

Magda also leads a range of projects for Marketing Pro Limited’s recently launched new division – myWeb.team – specialising in website development and support. Her marketing expertise means she can ensure the technical delivery of websites always meets marketing and business objectives.

Derryn Coetzee

Derryn Coetzee

Co-Founder & Strategic Adviser

Derryn ensures that MPG is always heading in the right direction and fully enabled to meet clients’ needs. As a marketing strategist and digital marketing pioneer, Derryn’s future-focus is a key part of MPG’s success. He has extensive experience in launching, developing and managing a business for success & growth.

With his strong knowledge of developing, maintaining & optimising websites for strong and measured return on investment, Derryn’s latest project is the launch of a new division of Marketing Pro Limited – myWeb.team – specialising in website development and support.

James Stafford

Content Specialist

James is our content specialist, crafting creative and insightful content that attracts, engages and informs a client’s target audience. Drawing on over fifteen years’ experience in journalism, PR and communications, James ensures an organisation’s personality, story and key messages ring loud and clear.

Heather Whitman

Marketing Associate

Coming from a varied background spanning recruitment and marketing, Heather is able to contribute her strong project management and communication skills as well as a creative flair to her work at MPG. Heather is committed to delivering excellent results and gets a buzz from delivering a successful marketing campaign from start to finish.

George Mendham

Marketing Associate

Coming from a customer services and accountancy background, George is a statistical genius who loves analysing figures and working out what the numbers mean to businesses. His role encompasses all elements of the event marketing mix, from lead generating and nurturing to marketing measurement and ROI.

Kyla Wright

Marketing Associate

Kyla is an accomplished digital marketer, working with various marketing automation platforms and other types of digital marketing channels and tools, including social media, website creation & testing. Kyla also supports the team in generating weekly client marketing performance reports illustrating the ROI gained through the targeted and data driven campaigns MPG delivers.

Stefan Stanica

Head of Web Applications

Stefan is MPG’s ‘go to person’ for all elements of web development strategy and implementation for our clients and valued partners. His expertise covers: Content Management Systems (CMS), eCommerce (Shopping Cart) Solutions, Event Websites, Online Booking Solutions, Social Networking & Forum Solutions and Mobile Applications. Stefan is the website strategist & lead developer for myWeb.team – a newly launched division of Marketing Pro Limited specialising in website development and support.

Loryn Mitru

Website Developer

Loryn has extensive experience and a strong track record in developing effective, mobile enabled websites fully optimised for content marketing and client engagement. He has developed hundreds of event marketing websites, ecommerce solutions and content management systems. Loryn also develops and maintains websites for clients of myWeb.team – a newly launched division of Marketing Pro Limited specialising in website development and support.

Laurentiu Constantinescu

Illustrator and Digital Designer

Highly creative and imaginative, Laurentiu has exceptional original illustration and digital design skills. He delivers unique and effective branding and brand design assets that work across all channels, and in particular digital platforms. Laurentiu’s freehand artwork sets him apart – enabling him to create bespoke and highly recognisable branding for MPG’s clients.

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