10th March 2023

There’s not much time left until Google sunsets Universal Analytics and will only process new data via  GA4 (Google Analytics 4). If you haven’t already implemented GA4, you need to do so as soon as possible, as there are 3 important things you won’t be able to do without it! 

#1 You’ll need GA4 to…track your website analytics

Put quite simply, if you do not switch to using GA4 before the 1st of July 2023, you will lose the ability to track your website analytics via Google Analytics. The current version, Universal Analytics (also known as GA3), will be ‘sunsetted’ in July 2023, meaning that you will no longer be able to collect data in any analytics properties using this version, so you will have no visibility of your website visitors and other stats. 

It will also not be possible to import any historical data from your existing UA properties to new GA4 ones – so if you have not done so already, set up GA4 asap to capture the data you need before the ‘big switch off’.

#2 You’ll need GA4 to…accurately track user engagement

One of the most crucial updates in GA4 is how user engagement will be tracked. Instead of cookie-based session tracking (as is with Universal Analytics), GA4 tracks ‘hits’ called events. This means that all user interactions on a website, such as clicks, form submissions, and video views, are recorded as events, allowing for a more detailed analysis of user behaviour.

Using these events, GA4 is then able to build a timeline of engagement for each of your website visitors, thus determining an accurate picture of each session. The engagement time is recorded from the first event to the last, and it’s much easier to determine the number of engaged sessions, against your overall website traffic.

Being able to more accurately understand how long your visitors are engaging with your website for, and what they’re engaging with, will give you the insights you need to optimise your on-site content.

#3 You’ll need GA4 to…use the latest AI in marketing

Another significant difference between GA4 event tracking and Universal Analytics is the use of machine learning algorithms. GA4 uses advanced algorithms to analyse user behaviour and predict their next move, allowing businesses to personalise the user experience and optimise marketing strategies. This feature is not available in Universal Analytics, which relies on basic tracking methods and reports – meaning if you haven’t already switched to GA4 – you’re missing out!

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‘The Big Switch Off’ – Are you GA4 ready?

10th March 2023

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