17th October 2016


I’m proud to say that since founding MPG in 2014 the company has blossomed. We’ve established a loyal and valued client base that has allowed us to expand our team and extend our range of services.

In fact, everything was going so well we decided it was time to freshen things up. So here we are with a new website, a refreshed visual look and, most importantly, a sharper strategic focus.

So why did we change a good thing?

It’s all going so well. So we decided to shake things up.Build on success, don’t just lean on it

Our most successful clients will agree that the world around us is always changing – and so are our clients themselves. At MPG an essential philosophy for us has been committing to a constant conversation with our audience so that we can always understand what we need to add, rework or remove from our offering.

We never stop asking ourselves:

  • Why do we exist?
  • What are our goals and are they the right ones?
  • How do we add more value to our customers?
  • Who should we be working with?
  • How do we make sure we keep getting better?

This ongoing dialogue has allowed us to continually refine our solutions and make sure we keep adding genuine value to our audience. That value can take the form of anything from setting a new marketing strategy with a client to sharing our ideas in a conference speech or Twitter feed.

Crucially, our company ‘refresh’ and new website aren’t about being slick, glossy and designed to impress. It’s about communicating what we’ve learnt in the two years and how that knowledge powers and informs the way we work now.

Keep communicating, keep adding value

Through engaging with our clients and constant measurement and evaluation of the performance of client projects, we’ve identified the three marketing pillars that deliver results:

  • Lead with your brand: from visuals to tone to messaging, your brand must be strong at every single touch point. The only thing that matters is the perception customers have of your brand – so invest in customer insight and act on it wisely
  • Data is the lifeblood of your marketing: the knowledge about how your customers are interacting with your brand across all channels is what will power your growth. So make sure you have a marketing measurement and reporting system in place that enables good decision-making – based on marketing data analysis
  • Content is everything: content-led marketing is now the ONLY way to reach, educate, engage, convince, inspire and convert your target audience. But it will only work if it is unique and valuable, and distributed via your marketing channels effectively and efficiently.

Refining, not rebranding

By clearly laying out the three pillars of our marketing philosophy as we strengthen our focus and our branding here at MPG, we hope to also strengthen the trust we have with our existing customers and lay the foundations needed to establish a bond with future ones.

Our refresh is our way of illustrating that we never stand still. That we never stop listening to those we work with and never stop measuring the impact of our work.

We aren’t rebranding, we are refining our focus. As the marketing world continues to change and the needs of our clients shift, we will continue to refine what we stand for and what we do.

Because what works today isn’t a formula for success, but just a starting point for what works tomorrow.

So don’t be afraid to shake things up. Especially when it’s all going well!

It’s all going so well. So we decided to shake things up.

17th October 2016

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