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Learn MPG’s strategic marketing approach for acquiring new paying members

Identify your ideal and highest value members:

  • Map your target market: analyse your market and identify key gaps in your reach and database
  • Develop personas: build a picture of your ideal members to provide direction for your marketing efforts

Analyse your membership value proposition:

  • Define USPs: identify what makes your offering unique and why it’s valuable to your target audience.
  • Identify key customer benefits: define what your audience cares about most and focus your marketing messaging and content on addressing the customer problem(s) being solved by your membership product.

Communicate effectively to grow membership revenue via customer acquisition:

  • Develop a messaging strategy: craft benefit-led messaging that shows prospects what they’re missing out on, and what they can gain from buying a membership.
  • Build a multi-channel marketing plan: create a tactical marketing plan that incorporates a range of channels and techniques best suited to your brand and will ensure your message reaches your audience – to build awareness, engagement and generate, nurture and convert leads to become new, paying members.
  • Deploy great content: understand how to leverage content marketing as a key component of your member/subscriber acquisitions marketing.
  • Build an ABM (account-based-marketing) plan: identify key organisations you would like to attract as members/subscribers, and plan out your marketing and sales activity to ensure all potential customers, as well as key decision-makers and influencers, receive and engage with relevant marketing communications to convince them to purchase an enterprise-level membership.

Build and optimise your marketing funnel to acquire new members:

  • Top of funnel: build brand awareness and drive relevant traffic to your website
  • Middle of funnel: generate marketing-qualified leads (MQLs).
  • Bottom of funnel: nurture and convert MQLs – ensure there is strong integration between marketing and sales for maximise conversion rate and AOV (average order value).

Measure membership/subscription marketing performance:

  • Set acquisition marketing KPIs and track performance against these: define what is possible to measure and use practical, meaningful membership acquisition marketing metrics to drive stronger ROI.
  • Analyse and act on membership/subscriptions acquisitions marketing results: turn analytics and data into valuable intelligence for marketing decision-making to drive even better membership marketing performance.



Your Trainers

MPG Academy trainers are also B2B marketing practitioners whose ‘day job’ it is to deliver strategies, operations and campaigns for a range of B2B conference, exhibition and membership organisations.

Claire Urry Executive Director China-Britain Business Council

MPG delivered a great series of tailored marketing workshops for the team at China Britain Business Council. This helped us formulate our membership growth strategy and gave us useful, practical guidance on improving our digital marketing tactics.

Irene Schultz-Gerstein Senior Manager Association of the Luxembourg Fund Industry (ALFI)

The marketing training MPG delivers is very valuable. We’ve gained new knowledge and skills about the latest content-led and digital marketing techniques – essential for communicating with our international audience of senior business executives.

Toby Daniels Founder Social Media Week (acquired by Adweek)

I cannot recommend MPG highly enough. Their commitment and unique expertise in data-driven, digital and integrated marketing was very valuable to Social Media Week. MPG were instrumental in helping us build our brand and community online and offline, and their product marketing performance is also very strong. It was great having MPG as part of our team!

Chris Lester Event Director Bauer Media

The consultancy, outsourced marketing and inhouse training MPG has delivered for Bauer has been brilliant. We’ve enjoyed working with various MPG marketers and specialists – they’ve become part of our team!

 Colette Leong-Son Managing Director, Events Infopro Digital

MPG has delivered excellent training courses for Infopro Digital’s marketers. Their practical techniques have made a great impact. I have no hesitation in recommending MPG as a safe pair of hands when it comes to upskilling your marketing team!
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