10 May 2024 | 8 hours
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8 hours

Learn to write benefit-led, engaging copy for high performance event marketing.

Techniques & tools to create high quality, compelling marketing copy to engage your audience – ensuring your messaging is relevant for your audience and sets the right tone for your event brand.

This course covers the essential copywriting knowledge and skills relevant to event marketers, as well as non-marketers such as producers, sales people and those who sign off event marketers’ copy.

Top 5 things you will learn:

  1. How to write event marketing copy that is impactful, relevant and engaging.
  2. How to become an effective storyteller to keep prospects engaged over the course of the campaign as announcements are made.
  3. How to identify and articulate the USP and value proposition of your event.
  4. How to create impactful and actionable CTAs (calls to action) and place CTAs in the most optimal place/s.
  5. How to avoid cliches and overused words and phrases.


Lead Trainer

Helen Coetzee

Helen Coetzee
Co-Founder & CEO

This course will cover:

  • Write event marketing copy that is relevant and engaging for your target audience.
  • Use persuasive and positive language that is effective in attracting, engaging and converting customers to B2B event attendees and sponsors/exhibitors.
  • Use AI tools to help you write and edit copy – to create better event marketing copy, more efficiently.
  • Tell the story of your event along the marketing campaign timeline as your product develops over time with new speakers, features and content relevant to your audience.
  • Identify and articulate the USP of your event, and learn how to craft benefit-led copy – focused on what your customers value the most about your event.
  • Ensure the style of your copy works well for your audience and matches your event brand image.
  • Avoid cliches and overused words and phrases. You don’t want to look and sound like other events, least of all your competitors!.
  • Learn how to make your copy reader-friendly for effective communication.
  • Blend copy, layout, design and imagery for best impact: the do’s & don’ts when creating your web pages, social posts, digital ads and emails.
  • CTAs (Calls to Action): use the most impactful CTA wording, use multiple CTA formats, and place different CTA types effectively for best results.
  • Avoid common grammar and spelling mistakes (make sure your copy is error-free – every time!)


What MPG Academy participants say...

Mathilde Le Borgne Marketing Director, Licensing Portfolio Informa Markets

The event marketing training MPG Academy delivered for my marketers was very relevant to their day-to-day work. I’m seeing a lot of the learnings being taken on board and used. All the theory was made applicable – which was hugely valuable. Highly recommended.

Gabriela Cogorno Head of Marketing-Telecom & Tech Delinian

My team of event marketers found the MPG Academy course super helpful! It covered new areas of marketing we had not previously had time to consider. We took away some very useful action points that will definitely make a difference to the performance of our marketing.

 Colette Leong-Son Managing Director, Events Infopro Digital

MPG has delivered excellent training courses for Infopro Digital’s marketers. Their practical techniques have made a great impact. I have no hesitation in recommending MPG as a safe pair of hands when it comes to upskilling your marketing team!

Trusted by leading organisations & brands globally

  • Ascential
  • Financial Times
  • Informa
  • ALFI
  • InfroProDigital
  • Procurement Leaders
  • PEI
  • BauerMedia

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