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Learn MPG’s winning commercial/spex marketing methodology

Analyse your commercial/spex opportunity

  • Define your commercial/sponsorship marketing solutions package(s): create a compelling proposition for your clients by delivering branding, thought leadership and lead generation with good value and ROI across multiple channels and formats
  • Create a market map: define your commercial target market in terms of needs and demographics
  • Identify groups for targeting: ensure you target the companies most likely to become sponsors/clients and key individuals in decision-making units (DMUs) within target companies

Create a commercial/spex marketing strategy:

  • Set objectives and KPIs: use SMARTER marketing objectives and joined-up marketing and sales KPIs to ensure strong visibility of marketing ROI and performance
  • Develop strong, aligned marketing and sales messaging: focus on what makes your offering unique and valuable for prospective clients
  • Lead generation and nurturing: learn how to create and execute a lead generation programme to find new sponsors/clients

Execute impactful spex marketing communications:

  • Website: ensure your website achieves your commercial/spex marketing objectives without compromising the core audience experience
  • Email: content, frequency and segmentation for best results
  • PPC: channels and campaigns that work best for commercial/spex marketing
  • Social: use a variety of social channels and techniques to support strong commercial/spex marketing performance
  • Automation: build automation into your commercial/spex marketing and sales machine for efficiency and impact

Measuring success of commercial/spex marketing:

  • Track performance against KPIs: what is possible to measure and how to use practical, meaningful commercial marketing and sales measurement
  • Analyse and act on commercial marketing results: turn analytics and data into valuable intelligence for commercial/spex marketing and sales decision-making


Your Trainers

MPG Academy trainers are also B2B marketing practitioners whose ‘day job’ it is to deliver strategies, operations and campaigns for a range of B2B conference and exhibition organisations.

Claire Clilverd Group Head of Commercial Marketing Infopro Digital

I was placed on the MPG Spex Marketing Masterclass to support my new role within my company. I was provided with a robust outline of spex marketing strategy planning, techniques on how to implement revenue-generating campaigns, as well as insightful ways of conducting new business research.

Each element of the training course has allowed me to quickly develop and prioritise the projects on my 100-day plan. The templates and tools that you receive post event are also phenomenal. Researching and creating this documentation would have impacted my workload quite significantly. Therefore, it has allowed me to move straight into implementing what I’ve learnt.

A very valuable course, in many ways.

Trusted by leading organisations & brands globally

  • Ascential
  • Financial Times
  • Informa
  • ALFI
  • InfroProDigital
  • Procurement Leaders
  • PEI
  • BauerMedia

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