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Learn how to develop and implement a successful social media marketing plan

Developing a social media marketing strategy:

  • Discover the benefits of using social media for B2B events
  • Get a comprehensive overview of the different social media channels available
  • Learn how to develop a social media strategy that aligns with your event’s objectives

Creating compelling content for social media:

  • Learn best practices for creating content that resonates with your audience
  • Discover the power of user-generated content and how to incorporate it into your social media strategy
  • Understand the importance of social media post design and how to create visually appealing posts

Building and growing your social media presence:

  • Gain knowledge on how to build a social media following and increase engagement
  • Learn how to use social media tools and techniques effectively
  • Understand the different social media platforms and how to optimise your presence on each platform

Measuring and analysing your social media performance:

  • Learn how to track and measure the success of your social media campaigns
  • Discover the key metrics to measure and how to analyse them
  • Understand how to optimise your social media strategy based on insights and data


Your Trainers

MPG Academy trainers are also B2B marketing practitioners whose ‘day job’ it is to deliver strategies, operations and campaigns for a range of B2B conference and exhibition organisations.

Alex Hentschel Managing Director & Co-Founder Kademy

MPG have been a valuable marketing strategy partner to Kademy’s leadership team. They have helped us decide how best to invest in marketing based on the stage we’re at with our business, and have also given us very practical advice on various marketing initiatives around ABM, content marketing, social media, PPC and website optimisation. Having MPG’s marketing expertise plugged in to our business gives me confidence we’re moving our marketing function forward in the right way.

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  • Financial Times
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  • InfroProDigital
  • Procurement Leaders
  • PEI
  • BauerMedia

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Get training for your whole event team from marketing to production and spex and gain an understanding of essential event marketing concepts.

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Highly focussed sessions designed to address specific marketing challenges or upskill 3 - 5 people on key areas of development.

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Personalised training programmes designed to help all roles and levels of responsibilities meet their marketing learning objectives.

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