Virtual events have made every event global, and with that comes the opportunity for international collaborations and partnerships. Marketing should lead the charge in identifying and nurturing these prospects, serving them as strong leads for your sponsorship sales people.

This masterclass covers everything from initial contact and messaging strategies, all the way to measuring ROI and understanding how to improve marketing performance.

As a masterclass participant, you will learn how to:

  • Identify likely sponsors: create a market map and list of pursuit accounts
  • Create outreach strategy: plan how to reach and engage decision-makers
  • Communicate effectively: define benefits of sponsorship and create compelling messaging
  • Get more leads: lead generation campaign planning and tactics
  • Warm up leads: nurture and score leads for best conversion rates
  • Measure ROI & improve: track results, analyse and adjust for best outcomes

6 ways MPG Academy delivers an enhanced learning experience:

  1. Your team of trainers will be practising marketers with specialist expertise and extensive, international experience in all aspects of the marketing focused on B2B events to acquire delegates and sponsors, subscriber acquisition and membership acquisition. You will gain knowledge and skills that are very practical and based on highly current, real-world experience.
  2. With a maximum of 8 attendees per masterclass, you get access to an intimate, supportive learning environment, encouraging valuable discussion and a personalised learning experience.
  3. We will ask you to complete a questionnaire ahead of the course – so your trainers can gain a good understanding of your key learning objectives and current level of knowledge in each area to be covered in the course (you can of course complete this questionnaire on a voluntary basis)
  4. You will receive a comprehensive training resources pack before the course, and then an updated resources pack after the course incorporating participants’ contributions and the on-demand video. This allow you to review materials ahead of the course and revisit valuable resources at any time after the course.
  5. You will have access to MPG Tribe – an exclusive, online community for MPG Academy participants to continue your learning by interacting with your peers and gaining further, detailed and practical insights into how other organisations and marketers are tackling challenges and opportunities similar to your own. This is a unique networking opportunity to make strong connections with relevant individuals that you will find valuable for many years to come.
  6. For GURU participants only: access to a 1.5 hour personalised Q&A call after your course with MPG’s experts in marketing strategy, marketing execution and digital marketing – giving you in-depth, even more personalised support to boost your knowledge and confidence, and also to a private forum in which to discuss confidential challenges and opportunities.

Lead Trainer

Helen Coetzee

Helen Coetzee
Co-Founder & CEO

Since 1998, Helen has been designing and delivering high performance marketing strategies for some of the world’s leading B2B community-led organisations. In 2014 Helen founded MPG with the vision of building a high-performance marketing team to deliver customer-focused, digitally enabled and data-led marketing strategies. Via MPG Academy, Helen leads the training team in sharing MPG’s expertise via open courses and bespoke team and 1-to-1 training.


Dominic Bird

Dominic Bird
Senior Inbound Marketer

MPG’s resident pay-per-click/digital advertising guru, Dominic’s expertise extends to marketing communications & inbound marketing as a whole; encompassing messaging strategy development, content creation, copywriting, design and website optimisation to create organic and paid content that engages and converts.

Heather Whitman

Heather Whitman
Senior Marketing Manager

Heather is responsible for developing marketing strategies and campaigns for some of MPGs longest-standing clients. A talented project manager and strong communicator, Heather can successfully manage a variety of complex marketing projects & campaigns with ease. She is driven by the ‘buzz’ she gets from delivering great results in a highly dynamic and fast-paced environment.

Magda Kasprzycka

Magda Kasprzycka
Director - Technology & Data

Magda is MPG’s leading expert in technology and data. She is also a trained expert on data privacy and compliance, including GDPR. Magda has built a glowing reputation among MPG’s clients for her ability to organise and integrate marketing technology and data assets to enable highly effective marketing campaigns.

Molly Third

Molly Third
Marketing Manager

Highly conscientious and with an eye for detail, Molly designs and delivers exceptional marketing campaigns for a range of B2B community-focused organisations and brands. Molly’s exceptional project management skills enables strong execution of engaging, multi-channel campaigns. With a fashion marketing degree under her belt, Molly knows how to deliver high-performance marketing with great style.

Have everything you need?

Next Course: 12 February 2021 | Online Course
14:30 GMT | 09:30 am EST | 06:30 am PST

From £395 + VAT

Earlybird £100 discount ends

29 January 2021
  • Become a GURU – take your learning to the next level

    Upgrade to a GURU pass to receive a personalised and private 1.5 hour Q&A call with MPG’s training experts up to a 3 months after your course. Get direct support in the areas you need it most and get advice from the experts in virtual event, subscription and membership marketing.

  • Get MPG’s Event Marketing Compendium – the ultimate event marketing guide.

    MPG Academy participants can purchase the MPG Event Marketing Compendium, a 80+ page guide to optimal event marketing, written by MPG’s expert practitioners. Detailing everything from the components of a successful strategy, to the PPC techniques that convert – this guide contains everything you need to know to be an industry-leading B2B event marketer.

    Available at a 60% discount upon checkout when purchasing an MPG Academy course.

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  • Gurveer Vasir, Marketing Manager, Waterfront Conference Company

    “I recently attended MPG Academy’s Digital Marketing Intensive course focused on the marketing of B2B virtual events. I found it very valuable – a great way to update the marketing knowledge and skills that are so important right now. I would certainly recommend this course to anyone who is hoping to attract a good audience to their virtual events!”

    Gurveer Vasir, Marketing Manager, Waterfront Conference Company

  • Claire Urry, Executive Director, China-Britain Business Council

    “MPG delivered a great series of tailored marketing workshops for the team at China Britain Business Council. This training helped us formulate our membership growth strategy and gave us some very useful, practical guidance on improving our digital marketing and sales tactics.”

    Claire Urry, Executive Director, China-Britain Business Council

  • Leigh Gilmore, General Manager, Live Journalism, The Wall Street Journal

    “MPG did a great job of creating and delivering a bespoke training course for our content and marketing teams in the events business I headed up in my previous role. The customisation of the course materials and the engaging way in which the training was delivered really made an impact. I would recommend MPG if you’re looking to inject the latest knowledge, energy and inspiration in to your marketing efforts!

    Leigh Gilmore, General Manager, Live Journalism, The Wall Street Journal

  •  Colette Leong-Son, Managing Director, Events, Infopro Digital

    “Over the past two years MPG has delivered some excellent training courses for Infopro Digital’s marketers. The practical techniques and tools MPG shared have made a great impact. I have no hesitation in recommending MPG as a safe pair of hands when it comes to upskilling your marketing team!”

     Colette Leong-Son, Managing Director, Events, Infopro Digital

  • Irene Schultz-Gerstein, Senior Events Manager, ALFI

    “We found the marketing training MPG provided for ALFI very valuable. Our team gained new knowledge and skills about the latest content-led and digital marketing strategies and techniques – essential for communicating with our international audience of senior business executives. Helen and her team are very competent and it was a pleasure and very motivating to work with all of them.”

    Irene Schultz-Gerstein, Senior Events Manager, ALFI

  • Nigel Roby, CEO, The Bookseller

    “I was hugely impressed by the training and consultancy MPG delivered to help us shape our subscriptions and events marketing strategy and campaigns. The work they did has become embedded in our way of doing things. I have no doubt that we will work with MPG again.”

    Nigel Roby, CEO, The Bookseller

  • Vivian Linecar, Head of Marketing, Haymarket Media Group

    “I attended an MPG training course in my previous Head of Marketing role and I found it very valuable indeed. The MPG team’s knowledge in digital and data-led marketing is second to none.”

    Vivian Linecar, Head of Marketing, Haymarket Media Group

  • Chris Lester, Event Director, Bauer Media

    “The inhouse training, consultancy and outsourced marketing MPG has delivered for Bauer over the past few years has been brilliant. We’ve enjoyed working with various MPG marketers and specialists – they’ve become part of our team!”

    Chris Lester, Event Director, Bauer Media

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