Success starts with a strong strategy.

Our expert event marketing strategists will:

  • Conduct a thorough analysis of your audience, past marketing campaigns, resources and value proposition
  • Provide strategic recommendations for achieving growth targets and attracting the right audience to your event
  • Put in place a marketing measurement dashboard and forecasting process – so that you can constantly track marketing success and return-on-investment
  • Ensure you have a well thought-through plan in place to execute your event marketing efficiently and effectively


Revenue & Value Growth

Most brands have long used events to complement their core offering. Many now see events as a route to rapid and sustainable growth. Our clients strategically invest in commercially ambitious event portfolios – unlocking new revenues and value for their organisations. We build and enable the marketing strategies that ensure their success.

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“MPG helped lay down the foundations and do much of the groundwork to create a new marketing function for us. You can see the impact of MPG’s work, with twofold growth since they began working with us.”

Audience Growth

Attracting the right attendees to your event is critical. You need to achieve targeted volumes of people - but more importantly, they need to be the RIGHT people, working the roles and organisations that are critical to the success of your event. The marketing strategies we develop help our clients grow event audiences – in quality and quantity.

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“MPG is about enabling accelerated growth for events. They ask the right questions, examine the data it produces, generate meaningful insight and reveal the opportunities that you wouldn’t otherwise know about. They encapsulate why marketing and business strategy must exist hand in hand."

Predictive Analytics

Setting the right event growth targets is important, but knowing if and how you will achieve these is even more critical. Knowing your target audience and understanding their engagement and booking patterns is key to confidently predicting where you’ll end up against your targets. Our forecasting tools give our clients full visibility of an event’s performance and confidence in their predictions.

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