Email Marketing for Events (Conferences & Exhibitions)

Email is still the most important and impactful direct channel for B2B event marketing.

From accessing targeted audiences ‘at scale’, to immediately reaching a target audience via mobile devices and automation; email marketing is, and will continue to be, a critical marketing channel for many years to come.

Working across a range of events, industries and regions around the world, MPG has developed the most effective tactics and templates for highly engaging emails and excellent marketing ROI. We have a unique and proven set of best practices and benchmarks within email marketing for B2B events.

Our email marketing services for events include:

  • Email marketing strategy – based on an analysis of the current email marketing database and potential for future database growth, engagement in email marketing to date for an event or brand, the setting of performance targets based on industry benchmarks, segmentation of the email database for targeted messaging and implementation of marketing automation where appropriate.
  • Email marketing systems/tools – where required, sourcing and setting up of an email marketing or marketing automation system, as well as integrating this system with the event website, CRM and other platforms as needed
  • Email marketing campaigns – using the up-to-date event product information, event offers and event content marketing assets, creating and executing the messaging, design/templates, timelines and automations for email marketing to specific target audiences, ensuring the right message reaches the right audience at the right time
  • Email marketing automation – setting up automations where these are likely to deliver event growth
  • Email marketing measurement and ROI reporting – tracking and benchmarking the performance of individual emails or a series of emails, and ensuring learnings from past email campaigns can be used for the ongoing performance improvement of future campaigns

Also see our services page about Email Automation for Events.

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