PPC for Events (Conferences & Exhibitions)

Strong strategy and expert execution of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a very powerful tool for growing events rapidly. ‘Done correctly’, PPC is a great way to reach a wide, yet targeted audience quickly and cost-effectively.

For events, PPC should be delivered via a combination of various types of Google advertising and paid advertising on social platforms. How this is integrated with the rest of your marketing channels and tactics is critical to success, along with daily measurement and management to optimise campaign ROI.

MPG has a strong track record in achieving event growth and an excellent ROI from PPC within the event marketing mix. MPG is an accredited Google Partner and several members of our team are Google AdWords certified. We also have extensive experience and expertise in paid advertising via social channels such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

Our PPC for events services include:

  • Analysis of website search optimisation to understand how PPC can complement organic search
  • Where relevant, analysis of PPC campaigns run previously to determine ROI and what generated the ROI achieved
  • Creation of a holistic PPC strategy across various channels, integrated with other marketing channels and activities across an event marketing timeline
  • Creation of effective messaging and content for PPC success
  • Setup and ongoing management of PPC campaigns, including daily monitoring and adjustments to achieve optimum ROI

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