Social Media for Events (Conferences & Exhibitions)

Social media channels are a critical component of the events marketing media mix. Every event needs to cultivate and engage its community via the social channels most used by its target audience.

But social media is still often under-optimised – or simply neglected – in event marketing. Channel fragmentation and the challenges around efficiently generating enough compelling content to cultivate large enough and sufficiently engaged audiences via social platforms can create a vacuum in social media strategy and execution.

MPG has developed highly effective social media marketing methodologies and techniques – specific to event marketing. We create and distribute original content alongside product-led and offer-led messaging to successfully grow audiences, increase engagement and attract high-quality visitors to event websites.

We offer the following social media services for events:

  • Identifying and analysing the social media platforms most used by an event’s target audience
  • Developing a strategy and operational plan to engage with the event target audience via the chosen social channels – before, during and after the event
  • Setting up and optimising social media accounts for best performance for single event or event series, where the event social media activity is not run under a larger parent brand
  • Daily creation and distribution content and messaging via social media
  • Planning and executing effective paid for advertising on social media channels
  • Live blogging and live tweeting at events
  • Ongoing measurement, analysis and reporting on the ROI from various social media channels and tactics deployed

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