Acquiring New Paying Subscribers – Marketing Challenges & Opportunities in the Covid-19 Era and Beyond


The world has seen a significant increase in demand for valuable business information and intelligence in all sectors as senior executives face new challenges and opportunities arising from Covid-19’s impact.


This webinar explored how expert practitioners will be taking advantage of the opportunity to grow revenue by strategically investing in subscriber acquisition marketing.



  • What are the key ingredients in creating a successful subscriber acquisition marketing strategy?
  • What is the ideal size and structure of a subscriptions marketing team? Should we have some marketers focused on acquisitions and others focused on retention? What kind of marketing skills and resources do we need to deliver a strong performance?
  • What role should automation play in the marketing and sales processes e.g. automated emails and lead scoring
  • What should be put in place to ensure strong marketing and sales integration and strong synergies between the two functions?
  • How do we identify the right profile of potential new subscriptions customers to go after to convert to leads? i.e. the ones likely to renew and upgrade to corporate/enterprise packages
  • What are the subscriber acquisitions marketing KPIs we should be tracking against?


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