23rd March 2020

How do you serve your community of 5,000+ delegates and numerous partners when you can’t run live events? You run a virtual event of course!

And it’s the strategy behind this and the practicalities of converting two live event programmes into one 4-week virtual event that Toby Daniels of Social Media Week shared with MPG’s community. He joined us to explore the journey his team has been on in their hard ‘pivot to virtual’.

MPG’s senior marketing strategists then took us through how they developed a marketing strategy for the new virtual format – focused on selling delegate tickets and generating sponsorship leads.


How the strategy was developed to go virtual in 2020, and what this means for their community and business.

22 April 2020

We were joined by Toby Daniels of SMW to explore the strategic and product-specific considerations when pivoting to virtual, such as:

  • The strategy behind going digital and how they made their decision
  • Social Media Week’s vision for the delegate experience and sponsor value in a virtual space at #SMWONE
  • How previously planned agendas and content have been adapted and enhanced for the virtual experience
  • The choice of technology provider to power an event for 5000+ attendees globally – attending multiple sessions in various formats
  • The team behind the dream: essential skills and resources
  • And more!



Toby Daniels

Co-founder & CEO, Crowdcentric Media (parent company of Social Media Week) Founder & Executive Director, Social Media Week

As a thought leader in media, marketing and technology, Toby has been featured in mainstream and trade media, including articles on CNN.com, The NY Times, The Next Web, Huffington Post, AdWeek, PSFK and Fast Company. He speaks regularly at conferences and has given talks at PdF Latin America in Chile, Social Media Brazil, The Co-Creation Conference, Phoenix and SXSW. In 2013, The Next Web named Toby as one of New York’s 50 NYC Tech Entrepreneurs You Need to Know About.


Key strategic and tactical approaches to deliver a strong return on marketing investment

23 April 2020

#SMWONE’s marketing team, led by Kirsty Joynson (Global Marketing Director, MPG) and Alicia Drew (Senior Marketing Manager, MPG) shared the key components of the marketing strategy and comms plan for #SMWONE. They explored:

  • How the marketing strategy originally developed for two live events was pivoted to support a virtual event
  • How messaging was adapted to ensure delegates already booked on to the live event are comfortable with the move to virtual and become even more engaged and better served with the new virtual format
  • How a new marcomms campaign was developed and is being executed to sell delegate tickets for #SMWONE
  • How the members of the MPG and AGNC’s teams have worked together to ensure the campaign is expertly executed from all angles – combining the full range of marketing skills required for success.



Alicia Drew

Senior Marketing Manager, MPG & Social Media Week

Alicia is Social Media Week‘s marketing manager and spear-heads the marketing strategy to drive audience growth, currently focused on the innovative new global virtual event, #SMWONE. Alicia is a seasoned specialist in developing high performance, digitally-enabled and data-led marketing strategies and campaigns for some of the world’s most innovative, community-focused B2B media & events brands. Working with clients focused on a wide range of sectors globally has given Alicia a breadth of knowledge and insights that is highly prized by MPG’s clients and community.

Kirsty Joynson

Global Marketing Director, MPG

Kirsty leads MPG’s team of brand and product marketers and has an exceptional track record as a leader of complex, multi-channel marketing projects targeting and engaging audiences globally. With a strong understanding of a wide range of client business models, challenges and opportunities, Kirsty brings a unique perspective to the table. The learnings she can share about best practices and the most effective, innovative approaches to B2B community marketing have been pivotal to the #SMWONE marketing strategy.


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Case study: how a world-leading B2B conference series is going virtual

23rd March 2020

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