12th March 2020

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Watch MPG’s Founder and Global Marketing Director discuss the best marketing strategy, techniques and tactics for an event postponed due to Coronavirus.

Focused on:

  • How to maintain strong engagement with your audience in the months between the original and new event date
  • How to maintain confidence in your conference or exhibition amongst your event stakeholders already committed to the event, including delegates/attendees, sponsors and exhibitors
  • How to ensure your marketing is well set up to promote potentially new and additional digital or virtual elements being added to the event
  • How to generate additional ticket sales and revenue in the additional lead time created by moving the event later
  • How to deliver additional value for sponsors and exhibitors in the coming months leading up to your postponed event
  • If you have a subscriptions product, how to successfully sell more subscriptions to delegates
  • If you don’t have a subscriptions product yet, how you can start using the content marketing around your event to launch a subscriptions product

40 minute presentation, followed by 20 minute Q&A

Webinar Leaders

Helen Coetzee

Founder/Director, MPG

Helen has worked in B2B events and subscriptions marketing since 1998. Having spent 14 years in some of the world’s largest B2B media & event businesses, in 2012 Helen started consulting for smaller niche B2B – mostly founder-led – community focused media and events businesses. Launching MPG in 2014, Helen has built a 20-strong team of marketing strategists and tacticians focused on driving community engagement and revenue growth for leading B2B media and events brands around the world.

Kirsty Joynson

Marketing Director – Global Events, MPG

Kirsty has spear-headed the planning and execution of a variety of high-performance digital & data-led marketing campaigns for some of the world’s most innovative, community-focused B2B media & events brands. She has unique ‘coalface’ experience in dealing with the event marketing challenges & opportunities that media entrepreneur-led businesses face.

B2B Conferences & Exhibitions: Marketing Considerations & Tactics for Postponed Events

12th March 2020

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