3rd September 2020

For B2B media and events brands, as well as professional and trade associations, marketing has a key role to play in generating leads for sales teams hunting for new revenue from sponsors.

Finding new revenue opportunities requires a strong, impactful lead generation strategy – driven by digital and data-led marketing tactics. With future event and content formats appearing in a host of different shapes and sizes, how you position your offering is very important when you’re aiming to grow revenue via new sponsors and clients. Plus, how you identify future sponsors and clients and draw them into your sales net is key!

The new and changing event formats offer great new benefits to potential sponsors and clients. But in order to identify the right partners, get their attention and educate them on your offering, your marketing efforts, coupled with a strong sales team, need to be fully optimised and where-ever possible automated to ensure the right message is reaching the right people – at speed and at scale.

Attendees were joined by Helen Coetzee, MPG’s Founder and CEO, as she outlined MPG’s top 10 tips for success when communicating value to potential sponsors and clients, increasing volume of leads generated by marketing and building the strongest sales pipeline possible.

Our attendees had the opportunity to…

  • Gain unique insight into the key ingredients for building a best-in-class lead generation strategy
  • Explore the most important factors when planning and executing marketing to support the acquisition of new sponsors and clients
  • Ask their burning questions and hear what their peers had to say via our Q&A and insightful polls


Marketing to Grow Revenue from Sponsors and Clients: MPG’s Top 10 Tips

3rd September 2020

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