Bringing together leaders in B2B Media & Events to discuss and debate how marketing strategies & functions will adapt to achieve a strong performance in the Covid-19 era and beyond.

The impact from Covid-19 on the global economy and live events has meant that B2B media and events businesses are having to revisit their purpose, goals, value proposition and operational strategies. As part of this, they are re-examining and re-defining their marketing objectives, strategies and functions.

A strong, strategic marketing function will play a vital role in how businesses identify and respond to help their customers as they face new challenges and opportunities. The marketing function will also need to deliver more value to B2B media and events businesses, to become more accountable and deliver a more visible ROI as budgets come under more pressure and investment in all areas of the business face more scrutiny.

MPG’s strategic roundtable discussions will explore how marketing will deliver a strong ROI to support new business strategies in the Covid-19 era and beyond.


  • How will the role of marketing change?
  • How will more resilience be built into the marketing function to succeed in the challenging times to come and cope well with further potential crises?
  • Which areas of marketing will receive more investment, and which areas will see investment reduced or removed altogether?
  • How will marketing deliver and prove ROI? What KPIs will become most important?
  • What marketing skills will be most valuable?
  • How will we ensure our inhouse marketers have the skills and influence needed to deliver good results?

  • Will team structures need to change? For example, will the marketing function need to be structured to be more brand or community focused rather than product focused (i.e. separate subscriptions and events marketing teams)?
  • As companies look to reduce fixed costs to manage their financial risk, will the use of external partners become more common e.g. freelancers, agencies, or outsourcing partners? Will more ‘hybrid’ models of marketing teams emerge where external resources will work collaboratively and be ‘integrated’ with internal marketing resources to achieve the right combination of skills and scalable resources?
  • How do you select the right external partners if going outsourced or hybrid?


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