GDPR For Direct Marketing In B2B Organisations: Consent Or Legitimate Interest?

As the GDPR compliance deadline of 25 May approaches, there is still a great deal of confusion amongst B2B businesses about the whether or not Consent or Legitimate Interest are both acceptable legal bases for the processing of personal data – particularly for direct marketing purposes (which includes most forms of B2B sales conducted via direct email or telephone calls).


#10 | Event Marketing: The Ultimate Project Management Challenge

Event management is a complex process. The sheer scale and complexity of events can be overwhelming. Many great event concepts fail in execution due to organisational issues.

When events fail to meet expectations, one of the most common reasons is a lack of project management – with no one single project manager appointed. At times, even if one is appointed, it may be someone with a lack of influence, or someone simply in the wrong role or with the wrong skill set.


#9 | B2B Event Marketing: Measure It To Manage It

One of the most underrated skillsets in event marketing is agility.

Marketers who possess the ability to intelligently adapt strategy and fine-tune tactics in the heat of a campaign will always outperform those who take time to change direction or hesitate under pressure.

To be truly agile, marketers must embrace the power of analytics and continually measure what return on investment (ROI) their campaign is generating. This allows them to proactively refine campaign tactics on the go and ensure their event has the best chance of success possible.


2018 is the Year of B2B Communities

Entering a new year is traditionally a time people reflect on the future and how they plan to tackle the potential it offers.

Which is why I wanted to take this opportunity to lay out the vision which will be driving MPG in 2018. Here I make our ‘statement of intent’ – the philosophy that both inspires and drives us to help our clients not just survive in an ever-changing B2B marketing world, but thrive.


#7 | Effective Multi-Channel Event Marketing Strategy

Today’s event marketers know that they must reach out and engage with their target audience across an ever-growing number of channels – both on and offline.

But a multi-channel approach isn’t about throwing out a high volume of branding and messaging across as many platforms as possible and hoping enough noise gets through to your targets. To maximise your campaign’s effectiveness marketers must take an integrated and strategic approach to how they utilise the channels at their disposal.


#6 | Strong Brand Identity & Positioning for B2B Event Success

How do you get your target audience to choose your event over the multitude of other options? We all know that our business is extremely competitive and most events sit in very ‘crowded’ markets.

Having the best speakers and content is obviously a ‘must’. But we need go back to ‘Marketing 101’ to make sure we’re not missing the most basic and important ingredients for marketing any product or service: a strong brand identity and clear, compelling brand positioning.


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