Saying no to business to gain the competitive edge

In January 2018 MPG will be four years old. My baby is growing up.

When we launched MPG, a friend – who had been on a similar journey – told me it takes a business at least five years to ‘find itself’. I now believe her. At the start we had a strong sense of the kind of business we wanted to run, but no idea it would evolve into what it is today.


B2B marketers: ‘start and own a movement’ (and how to do it)

‘Starting a movement’ isn’t just for B2C marketers, it’s something B2B practitioners should be setting their sights on too. After all, that’s what drives change, progress and success.

Marketing never stands still. Take a look at the programs sitting on your computer or your phone right now. Some of your most used applications for work probably didn’t even exist a few years ago and yet now form a major part of how you operate day-to-day. (more…)

Doomed to fail: too many marketers can’t distinguish between strategy and tactics

Helen Coetzee looks at why the inability of many marketers to understand the difference between strategy and tactics is not only failing clients, but also marketers themselves.

We have a big problem in marketing. It’s something many of us are afraid to admit and some aren’t even aware we have. It’s a problem that crosses pay grades and is one of the biggest factors in failed campaigns. (more…)

Where there is uncertainty, let there be focus

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half”.
When John Wannamaker said this over 100 years ago, he had a really good excuse!

In 2017, with all the knowledge and tools at our disposal, there is no excuse. I cannot think of a senior executive team or company board that would be prepared to accept, let alone listen to, ‘alternative facts’ from their head of marketing! (more…)


Enough of meek marketers, we need geek marketers shouting about ROI

For far too long the marketing function has danced and side-stepped around the issue of return on investment (ROI) on marketing spend.

A scenario played out countless times over the ages is one of CEOs asking what the ROI on their marketing spend will be and marketers arguing it isn’t an exact science.

“You need to trust us this is working,” is the oft repeated answer.

This needs to end. In fact, CEOs shouldn’t even have the chance to ask what the ROI will be. Marketers should be insisting from the very start they are measured on it and proactively communicate to the business exactly how they are delivering value. (more…)


Modern CEOs know that today’s marketing is driven by data and insight

This week’s guest blogger is Alex Martinez. Alex is CEO and co-founder of Procurement Leaders, an award winning global membership community serving senior procurement and supply chain executives from major worldwide corporations.

The marketing function, ironically, hasn’t always been the best at marketing itself. Many CEOs still harbour significant doubts over what they get back from their marketing spend. (more…)

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