1st Party Data

With 3rd party data becoming less reliable, strategic business leaders understand that they need to
shift their focus to 1st party data for long-term, sustainable growth
to serve their flagship product.

Why choose MPG for your 1st party data implementation and optimisation?

  • Impactful B2B marketing relies on gathering customer insight, based on useful and important data from their interactions with you. When you know your customers and what they do, you can personalise your targeted marketing to them.
  • With the phase out of 3rd party cookies, media and events businesses need to focus their efforts on gathering 1st party data, which can be used to personalise and segment their marketing messaging and be monetised by selling directly to advertisers. Having a well implemented, integrated, and managed CRM system, alongside a strong database growth strategy will help you grow, store and monetise 1st party data in the right way.
  • Team MPG has a strong track record in helping our clients create and constantly grow high performance marketing databases that are compliant with GDPR and other data protection regimes globally. Our proven methodology incorporates a number of key strategies and processes that we have successfully implemented for our clients, large and small, since 2014.


Stephanie Williford CEO EB Medicine

Team MPG are true experts in B2B marketing databases. Their approach to making sure the right data is held in a system – in the right way – is strategic, systematic, and thorough. They also understand the martech elements really well, and know how to set up a tech stack and data flows to support automated database processes. Highly recommended as an outsourced solution for getting your marketing database in good order.

MPG’s 1st party data optimisation process


Requirements & Scoping

  • Define the audience
  • Conduct gap analysis and size the market
  • Define changes to data structure for direct marketing

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  • Create a report on what is driving people to find the website through analytics
  • Database development plan creation, combining organic and paid data growth
  • Scoring audience’s interests against a large number of topics

Set Up & Ongoing Optimisation

  • Execute with rigour and at speed
  • Set up systems and processes
  • Review and test data quality
  • Measure and improve – week-by-week
  • Feed data into marketing campaigns to build engagement

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Defined data for outbound marketing should be supported by inbound marketing for organic database growth over time:

  • SEO to drive relevant traffic to website
  • CRO for lead generation
  • Content marketing for engagement and SEO
  • PPC campaigns to target relevant audiences
  • Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc.
  • Partnerships with media and associations
  • Social media campaigns for awareness/ engagement
  • Referral campaigns via influencers, advocates

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    Robert Stead Managing Director and Co-Founder Sense Media Group

    Team MPG did a great job in analysing our marketing database, and helping us develop a strategy to add relevant new contacts to our data set. They continue to work as part of our team to support the ongoing growth of our marketing database – and our business.

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