Marketing Operations

Strategic business leaders understand that having the right people, systems and processes i.e. marketing operations, in place is essential for high-performance marketing that helps your business scale.

Why choose MPG for marketing operations support?

MPG has a proven track record in helping business leaders work out how best to shape their marketing approach to avoid wasting money – and most importantly, invest well in the right type of marketing to achieve growth and success

Tech Optimisation

MPG can help you eliminate tech debt by ensuring that your investment in your marketing, sales and event technology solutions is paying off by creating efficiencies through automation, accelerating your marketing activities and enabling your marketing team to spend more time on revenue and value-creating activities.



Reporting & Analytics

Decisions about where to invest require adequate data, presented in a way that allows business leaders and marketers to find the right insights quickly. Real-time analytics (ideally using GA4), enables ongoing campaign optimisation, ensures budgets are allocated well, and marketers can easily chase the ‘winners’ – and stop doing the things that are losing money! MPG’s team of marketing analysts have a wealth of experience in developing marketing dashboards that give business leaders and senior marketers critical insight into their marketing performance and ROI.



Database Optimisation

Impactful B2B event marketing relies on strong outbound marketing at the middle and bottom of your funnel, with direct email prospecting also playing an important role at the top of your funnel. Having a well-structured, large enough database of relevant contacts is essential to make this work. MPG can help you optimise your existing database or create and constantly grow, high-performance marketing data that is compliant with global data protection regimes.



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Jonathan Perry Global Marketing Director PEI - Alternative Insight

MPG did a great job assessing our digital marketing and marketing operations requirements – considering our business goals. They developed a robust strategy, followed by a practical operational roadmap to help us further improve how we use technology to support marketing and sales performance. It has been a pleasure working with the MPG team!

MPG’s approach to high performance marketing operations


Requirements & Scoping

  • Understand client objectives and needs
  • Conduct a detailed marketing audit of people, systems and process
  • Create scope and plan, including system optimisations, integrations, customer journeys, data flows, messaging, and segmentation

Planning & Research

  • Research possible solutions and create a comparison matrix
  • Outline recommendations and begin planning with relevant stakeholders
  • Specify dashboard scope, components and ideal process

Implementation & Ongoing Optimisation

  • Implement solution, including integrations
  • Set up data, systems and integrations to access data points needed
  • Review systems, process and reporting regularly and tweak based on event and business goals and needs

Sample of Marketing Automation & CRM platforms MPG have implemented and/ or optimised:

  • Salesforce
  • Pardot
  • Hubspot
  • Eloqua
  • Zoho
  • Marketo

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    Jenny Fazakerley Head of FT Board Director Programme UK Financial Times

    MPG developed some valuable analytics dashboards that give us constant visibility of how our website and other marketing channels are performing. This means our senior stakeholders can easily understand how various marketing initiatives are performing, and then make good decisions to get the most out of our marketing investments. We recommend working with MPG’s analytics and marketing experts!

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