Optimised Marketing Technology

Is the marketing tech you’ve invested in paying off? For high performance conference or exhibition marketing, having the right tech tools, integrations & processes in place is essential.

Why choose MPG for marketing technology implementation and optimisation?

  • The impact of event marketing campaigns and sales efforts will be severely hampered by martech that is not set up well – or missing altogether. Tech tools need careful selection, implementation & integration to be optimised for a strong return on investment.
  • Mapping the customer journeys, through every touch point with a prospect or customer, is the first step to setting up your optimal tech infrastructure with the right integrations, automations and data flows.
  • Team MPG has a strong track record in helping B2B event organisations get the most out of their martech investments. Whether optimising martech already in place or helping clients select and implement new tech tools – MPG’s martech experts are a safe pair of hands.


Robert Stead Managing Director and Co-Founder Sense Media Group

Working closely with MPG’s martech experts, we were able to optimise our HubSpot setup so that we can now do smarter segmentation and more targeted, personalised marketing. Working with MPG is always a pleasure!

MPG's marketing technology implementation and optimisation process


Requirements & Scoping

  • Understand client objectives and needs
  • Map internal processes and customer journeys
  • Create project specification including system integrations

Research & Recommendations

  • Research possible solutions
  • Create platform comparison matrix
  • Outline recommendation on which solution to proceed with

Implementation & Ongoing Optimisation

  • Implement solution, including integrations
  • Onboard sales and marketing teams
  • Review platform set up regularly and tweak based on event and business goals and needs

Sample of Marketing Automation & CRM platforms MPG have implemented and/ or optimised:

  • Salesforce
  • Pardot
  • Hubspot
  • Eloqua
  • Zoho
  • Marketo

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    Toby Daniels Founder Social Media Week (acquired by Adweek)

    I cannot recommend MPG highly enough. Their commitment and unique expertise in data-driven, digital and integrated marketing was very valuable to Social Media Week. MPG were instrumental in helping us build our brand and community online and offline, and their product marketing performance is also very strong. It was great having MPG as part of our team!

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