Optimised Event Websites

Your event website is by far your most important marketing channel. Is it attracting and converting enough customers, and the right customers?

Why choose MPG to optimise or build your high performance event website?

  • Your website can mean success or failure. No matter how good your marketing or product is, if your website has a clunky interface, bad navigation or does not present your brand design or messaging well, you will lose web visitors, leads and customers.
  • First impressions count, a event website should attract the right visitors via search engines, accurately reflect your brand, provide a good UX and clearly communicate your value proposition. It should also push people down your marketing funnel – to convert to a lead or an online sale.
  • MPG’s digital marketing experts & website developers know what it takes to create and optimise conference and exhibition websites for high performance marketing. Whether optimising an event website already in place or building a brand new one – Team MPG is a safe pair of hands.


Julian Turner Chief Executive Healthcare Business International

MPG built a great marketing website for HBI that integrates our membership and flagship event. We’re very pleased with the design and functionality, the automated data flow between our website and other systems, and the user-friendly CMS. Team MPG has also set up analytics to give us good visibility of the performance of our website and our other marketing channels.

MPG's event website optimisation and build process


Conception & Preparation

  • Define expectations, timeline & budget
  • Understand client objectives and needs
  • Create project specification including technical requirements

Design & Development

  • Develop wireframes, content map and customer journey’s
  • Create website designs
  • Develop website and populate with content

Testing & Launch

  • Fully test website – mobile and desktop, functionality, integrations
  • Launch website 48 hours prior to marketing comms
  • Monitor site performance once live

MPG’s marketers and website developers also optimise conference and exhibition websites for better performance via

  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Drive more traffic
  • Lower bounce rate
  • Increase conversions (CRO)
  • Improve UX

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    Chris Lester Event Director Bauer Media

    The consultancy, outsourced marketing and inhouse training MPG has delivered for Bauer has been brilliant. We’ve enjoyed working with various MPG marketers and specialists – they’ve become part of our team!

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