#4 | The Big (Strategic) Issue: Your Event Marketing Database

In Europe, GDPR and ePrivacy regulations poses significant challenges for B2B event marketing – where large databases of contacts gathered via research and list buying, not consent, are still relied upon by most event organisers to reach high numbers of prospects to attract delegates, exhibitors and sponsors to their events. (more…)


Why GDPR is the only acronym marketers need to be obsessed with in 2017

Changes to data protection laws will reshape how marketers can use and retain data, yet UK organisations are not ready and risk significant financial penalties as well as, missing potential business opportunities.

Marketers love a good acronym. SEO, CRM, PPC and ROI flow smoothly off our tongues several times a day. (more…)


Modern CEOs know that today’s marketing is driven by data and insight

This week’s guest blogger is Alex Martinez. Alex is CEO and co-founder of Procurement Leaders, an award winning global membership community serving senior procurement and supply chain executives from major worldwide corporations.

The marketing function, ironically, hasn’t always been the best at marketing itself. Many CEOs still harbour significant doubts over what they get back from their marketing spend. (more…)


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