1st October 2020

Covid-19 continues to keep people physically distanced while driving tremendous change in all industries. Business communities have an urgent need to come together to find the right solutions to tackle the present crisis and strategies for what lies ahead.

B2B media brand owners and event organisers have a very important role to play in facilitating this and need to plan and act fast to be effective community hosts in a digital space.

Our attendees joined us for a discussion with B2B community builders about how they’ve aimed to engage and monetize their communities over the past 6 months, and how they hope to continue to engage, monetise and scale their communities going forward.


Adam Parry

Adam Parry – Founder & Director, Event Tech Live and Editor, Event Industry News

Anna Knight

Anna Knight – VP Licensing, Informa Markets

Ashley Friedlein

Ashley Friedlein – CEO & Founder, Guild


  • What are the key characteristics of a meaningful and valuable B2B community?
  • What is the ideal size and structure of a B2B community?
  • What are the key ‘role & responsibilities’ of a B2B media or events brand when playing host to a business community?
  • How do you balance the need to monetize a community with the need to serve their best interests?
  • How do you grow a community in ‘quantity and quality’?
  • How do you create a scalable and profitable business from hosting a community?

Building B2B Communities: an Industry Trend Accelerated by Covid-19

1st October 2020

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